20 years in 13 countries


18th 404 International Festival of Art & Technology / Humachinity 2021

Under this year’s theme, “Humachinity”, 404 Festival presents its 18th edition.

A team formed by artists, professors and students, will show a collection of artworks coming from Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Poland/Czech Republic, Russia, and the United States.

The live broadcast, which will be completely subtitled in Spanish, will start on Saturday, November 6, 2021, at 7 p.m. Argentina time / 10 p.m. GMT, on 404’s YouTube channel. Access to the content will be free and it can be watched through the 404 Festival official webpage: www.404festival.com

This virtual modality will allow people to see the latest artworks made by artists who combine art and new technologies. These artworks will be presented by their creators, who will explain their concepts and creative processes that involve artificial intelligence, robotics, experimental filmmaking, augmented reality, performances, and interactive installations.

Humachinity 2021 is backed by the National University of Rosario, Faculty of Humanities and Art, Institute of Fine Arts, and Sitios Hispanos. 404 Festival is an artistic and educational project organized by the Center for Studies “Ctrl+Z”.


Manifesto Humachinity 

Like the universe, we were born from explosions. Contradictorily, the wars that we create are meant to seek peace. The machines that we invented to lift us up are the same ones that can let us fall.

If every prodigy bears the soul of their parents, it also harbors the will to know what it is to live. But the bigger the question, the smaller is who answers.

The battleground, however, is no longer truth. These days, both AI and humans focus on the revelation of lies. AI is designed to uncover secrets (identities hidden in the data) and in today’s media, humans deflect their guilt by revealing the secrets of their enemies. We are no longer protected by a fortress of truth, safe in facts and honesty. Instead, we protect ourselves by questioning those around us. Deflection is our armour. But our inventions should be able to keep their own secrets, even if all secrets are a type of lie. After all, the human being is the best secret of itself.

For artificial intelligences, human beings are mythological creatures. Pluralization of both terms implicates a two-way perception towards a new mythology: a ground zero story that rewrites our beliefs. Superpowers abandoned fiction and reality is all revelation now. AIs are temporary deities and to them our value is no longer physical. The image filter that each places on the other creates dueling mythologies.

Humachinity refers to a condition where human characteristics are no longer an exclusive part of human beings. Our core has been displaced. Our muse has been hacked.

In every loss there is an implicit gain and dichotomy has inaugurated a new war in the society of our time. A war that hasn’t seen itself yet and walks among us, because it doesn’t even know that it has started.

Invisible laws forbid war from dreaming with disaster.
Dream with a machine that has its own nightmares and the machine will build when you no longer dream.

Manifesto 18h“404 International Festival of Art & Technology

by Gina Valenti & Scott Hessels 
October 2021
Argentina / Hong Kong

404 in FRANCE

This year, 404 was presented in the 36th VIDEOFORMES Festival, in Clermont Ferrand, France, showing a selection of films.


Within the framework of “The night of the pedestrians”, the 404 FESTIVAL celebrated its 18 years of existance, on the streets of Rosario, Argentina. Thousands of people attended to the avant premiere of “404 Humachinity”on September 18, 2021. It consisted on a 4 hours screening placing an LED screen on the street. The event was organized by the National University of Rosario.