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Sergio Mora-Díaz


Sergio Mora-Díaz



Sergio Mora-Diaz is a New Media Artist based in Santiago, Chile. His work explores digital technologies and light as mediators between physical spaces, nature and the human body.

A graduate of Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, his works have been exhibited internationally in New York, Atlanta, Poland, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Brazil and Chile. He has also participated in artistic research initiatives such as Choreographic Coding Lab by the Forsythe Company, Virtual Reality Lab at Samsung Global Innovation Center and the Art and Technology Residency at Pioneer Works, New York.



Rastros Minerales (Mineral Residues)

“Rastros minerales” (Mineral Residues) is a video installation made of generative images in four channels that displays data of the extraction, transport, and exportation of the main raw materials of Chile, which are industrially used for the transmission of energy and the development of electronic devises.

The artwork aims to make the viewer understand the magnitude and to reflect on the production and technologic processes and their impact on the environment in a local and global scale. In this way, what we can’t perceive because of its magnitude in a direct way is transcribed, through a sensitive process of geometry, color, and movement.

Each of these pieces expresses the following data, respectively: – Main mineral deposits and their topography, (Escondida, Collahuasi, El Teniente, Anglo American Sur, Chuquicamata).

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