20 years in 13 countries




Interactive performance / piano concert with brainwave device

Live music: Gina Valenti (Argentina)
Interactive visuals: Jack Wang (Taiwan)
Programming: Jason Lee (Taiwan)

Renti is a self-conscious deleted file that has managed to break the laws of the Recycle Bin in a mysterious way and seems to refuse to be discarded permanently. So, she starts to build a world assigning another value to the surrounding files, that is, those that like her have been deleted and constitutes her only references. But Renti can never spend too much time with the same files because after a certain period they are deleted. For this reason, she must choose the way to attach them to herself so they can pass unnoticed to the inevitable fate that awaits them in the system.

This idea somehow represents our role as human beings but also the way of how Art can re-interpret, re-organize and save the particles of a world that is in constant breakdown.

Live performance at the Dome of Fukuoka City Science Museum (Japan)

Live performance at China University of Technology in Taiwan / CUTe Festival