20 years in 13 countries






Merlin’s Mustache Lab believes that digital technology is the magic of our modern real world.
Through the wizards of technology and spells of spiritual mind, it creates future emotive science crossing media and creating fresh proposals that invite to the audience to become participants.

Sound Touch
Interactive Installation/Performance

It’s an experiment about sound, body and society.
We build a pirate radio station in a percussion performance and give every single audience a bone-conduction based device– Sound Touch. When the devices are tuned to the specified station, the performance named “Reaction” begins, a show that tries to invade and resist from both senses and thoughts.

Sound Touch opens people’s hearing and touch senses at a time, making every part of the body a possible hearing sensor- from skull, cheekbone, teeth, to collarbone. Sound is transmitted underneath human skin, passed through bone, picked up by auditory nerve and finally heard.

The hearing experiences of bone conduction redefine our path of receiving outer stimulation– we are now stimulated inside out.

There’s always a common anxiety for right intentions or right thoughts in Taiwanese society and pirate radio stations have somehow played the role of defeating or compensating the anxiety. There are so many stations about politics, religion, health, or the unknown world, lying low in the society, waiting for people to tune in with purpose or by chances. Once people tune in the right channel, they can never ignore it and go back.

Odor Hack
Interactive Installation

Among human senses, smell may lead the emotion easily and bring back memories.
In Odor hack, the smells involve a role to present the full story. The experiencers can sense and experience the virtual reality environment combined with smells.