20 years in 13 countries

Anni Garza Lau


Anni Garza Lau



Professor of Programming at SAE Institute and in The National Arts Center Mexico.

Anni Garza Lau is a transdisciplinary artist and programmer who lives and works in Mexico City. Her practice focuses on questioning the use of technological devices in everyday life and its effects on the development of identity, privacy, social behavior and the perception of reality. Through the appropriation and design of interactive physical and digital interfaces, as well as textiles, drawing, video and performance, her artworks provide disruptive experiences to the audience, thus promoting dialogues between art, science, culture, technology and humanity. She is particularly interested in the speculative design of futures and the development of a posthuman identity.


Talk: Towards ‘living’ data

Through the project ‘Unnatural Selection’, transdisciplinary artist Anni Garza Lau explores organic supports and behaviours for personal data as a way to generate social and ecological change. Her artworks use language and image as an interface to manifest possible relationships between molecular biology and artificial intelligence.


Artwork previously selected by 404