Humanizing Art & Technology

7th EDITION 404 / TAIWAN 2010


We live in a system that allows mistakes only when the solutions can be found solely within it. We live in a system to which we must abide by, except when we make art.
I’ve always dreamt with a world that doesn’t fear to make mistakes, never about one that flaunts the fact of being right.
In a historical moment that privileges the appearance of new devices, people have easily become used to assimilate ideas which haven’t been conceived to be their own, when actually thoughts should be newer than the novelty.
Those who believe to be part of a large audience, think of technological means as the only way not to fall behind, ignoring that this behaviour is the worst way of moving forward, only delaying the invention of our next bonfire.
In error lies a combination of possibilities that avoid function. This is a quality shared with art, and its residual value consists in being unuseful, in its lack of practicity.
Error bursts onto the scene. Objects fail on purpose, forcing us to contemplate their inherent creative nature.
The main purpose of every object is to fail, and by doing so, they turn into something more complete: the result of what we do and do not expect. It becomes a new object, with new features, that will travel through the path that maximizes it.
In a world where thinking is considered erroneous, thinking becomes a duty. Error is creation.

Lic. Gina Valenti
Manifiesto 404 Festival / Taiwán 2010

404 TAIWAN 2010